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This Life is So Confusing

Hello, to all fellow mixed marriages like ours, Allie here. That’s right…”mixed marriages”. An Aspie and an Allie. Together. Living side-by-side. Close quarters. Now, add two (probably) Aspie children to the pot and what do you get? Outnumbered!

I could use a few survival hints if anyone out there has one. “What’s up?”, you may ask. Well, here goes, a couple of things I’d like suggestions on: 1) mood swings; 2) telling resentment from jealousy from stress from plain old anger; 3) your image to the outside world how important is it over who you really are. I’m sure I have more but let’s start with those three.

1) mood swings:  Need I say  more?  I think everything is going along just fine and WHAM! I get that tight face, that short response, that cold silence. What in the world happened?

2) telling emotions apart:  So is that anger that I did something you didn’t want me to do? Resentment that I enjoyed myself doing something you hate to do? Jealousy that I might be enjoying myself out with others rather than staying home? Stress from holidays, work, me going out in not so ideal weather conditions? Or just plain old anger that you didn’t get what you wanted?

3) image:  So do you really want me to be me? Or do you want me to be your version of me? If I’m not suppose to change who I am because you love me, then why am I changing who I am because I love you?

Maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed right now. I am more than willing to “stand behind” my Aspie partner, but is it improbable to think that my Aspie partner will “stand behind” me?

Should I ever expect any emotional support? Should I ever expect any physical help?

Someone drop me a life preserver, I feel like I might need one right about now.